The Gerald Desmond bridge is an iconic gateway for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists to the Port and City of Long Beach.  The separated class one pedestrian and bike facility extending from the LA River trail over the Gerald Desmond bridge provides a safe and picturesque path for tourists, commuters and those looking for a place to exercise.  It provides spectacular views from the mountains of Southern California to the Long Beach skyline, Palos  Verdes peninsula, the port and to Catalina Island.

The separated pathway connects to a series of “on street” (Class II & III) bikeways that allow commuters and those on ships in the port easy access to all destinations on Terminal Island and throughout the Ports.

Eventually this integrated bike system will connect across the Vincent Thomas Bridge to San Pedro, completing a link in the California Coastal Trail, the Pacific Coast Bicycle Route and completing a vital connection for all cyclists between Long Beach and San Pedro.

The Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles have adopted bicycle-friendly policies that support workers, commuters, tourists and residents that traverse and recreate through the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles.


Our mission is to ensure that a separated bicycle and pedestrian facilities are a part of the plan for the Gerald Desmond bridge and included as an integral part of the construction.


Gather the supporters of bicycle and pedestrian rights to petition the Port of Long Beach, the Harbor Commissioners, the City of Long Beach, Caltrans and the California Coastal Commission so that separated facilities become a requirement – not optional – on the Gerald Desmond Bridge replacement.

Partner with local, regional and national organizations and individuals to effect a campaign for the inclusion of bike/ped facilities on the Gerald Desmond Bridge and also for facilities to be constructed across the Vincent Thomas Bridge, eventually connecting San Pedro to Terminal Island.


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