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Bob Kanter, POLB, Comments; Peter Douglas, CCC, Responds About Bike Path

Bob Kanter, Managing Director of Environmental Affairs and Planning for the Port of Long Beach, made public comment at the California Coastal Commission meeting, held in Long Beach on January 12, 2011. In those remarks, Mr. Kanter explained that the Port is working on bike improvement projects to bring people to the Port and to view the coastline. While these plans are laudable, it was notable that his remarks specifically avoided any mention of a bicycle or pedestrian path on the Gerald Desmond Bridge replacement project. After his remarks, Peter Douglas, Executive Director of the Coastal Commission commented:

“Madam Chair , if I may, I just want to tell the commission now that we did meet with Mr. Kanter yesterday, spent an extensive period of time with him. He did a very outstanding job laying out everything the city [Port of Long Beach] is doing relative to bike circulation and improvements, public facilities. We reiterated our position that this bridge needs to incorporate a bike path, and we did indicate that maybe the connections on both ends would take some time in the future to get the funding, but at least the basic bridge needs to incorporate a bike path, and if that isn’t done, in terms of the action that they take, that we would appeal the action locally and bring it to this commission.

Video Archives:  Kanter & Douglas comments begin at approximately 20:00 (9:20 a.m)



Peter Douglas, Exec. Dir., CA Coastal Commission, November 19, 2010

“We have told the Port and the City and Caltrans that they need to build in a bike pedestrian path into this bridge. That from our perspective, it is not enough to just design it into the bridge; they have to actually construct it. The problem is that the connectors raise some real significant issues for them, and we think that there are ways to deal with that.  So we’re not saying it has to be opened immediately, but at least it has to be built-in at the beginning, so that we don’t face the prospect of a bridge that’s completed, and then we have to come back to say, ‘now you’ve got to add the bike path and the pedestrian path.’ So we’re with you on this; and we also feel that the Port and the City and Caltrans recognize this and are going to do the right thing here and if they don’ t, this commission is going to see this bridge (project again).

– Peter Douglas, Executive Director of the California Coastal Commission, updating the Commission on staff discussions about the Gerald Desmond Bridge replacement project, following testimony from Long Beach cycling advocates Andrea White-Kjoss, Alan Crawford and Mark Bixby.