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Runners Endorse Separated Bike / Ped Facilities on the Bridge

Todd Rose, President of A Running Experience Long Beach, a club with 465 members, says:

“We believe that a running trail / pedestrian walkway from Downtown Long Beach would be utilized by short and long distance runners as a great training route, with the advantage of a 250 foot hill climb affording stunning views of the harbor and sunrise and sunsets across San Pedro Bay. We can envision running races that traverse the Port of Long Beach and the two amazing bridges. What a great way to show off the Port of Long Beach and Los Angeles. This bridge also will create a much safer link to the LA River Trail for pedestrians. If you install nice pathways, we think runners and cyclists will use them.”

A Running Experience Letter of Support


Peter Douglas, Exec. Dir., CA Coastal Commission, November 19, 2010

“We have told the Port and the City and Caltrans that they need to build in a bike pedestrian path into this bridge. That from our perspective, it is not enough to just design it into the bridge; they have to actually construct it. The problem is that the connectors raise some real significant issues for them, and we think that there are ways to deal with that.  So we’re not saying it has to be opened immediately, but at least it has to be built-in at the beginning, so that we don’t face the prospect of a bridge that’s completed, and then we have to come back to say, ‘now you’ve got to add the bike path and the pedestrian path.’ So we’re with you on this; and we also feel that the Port and the City and Caltrans recognize this and are going to do the right thing here and if they don’ t, this commission is going to see this bridge (project again).

– Peter Douglas, Executive Director of the California Coastal Commission, updating the Commission on staff discussions about the Gerald Desmond Bridge replacement project, following testimony from Long Beach cycling advocates Andrea White-Kjoss, Alan Crawford and Mark Bixby.