BIKEable Communities – Connecting Communities with Cycling

BIKEable Communites is a CA 501-C3 focused on bicycle advocacy and education, and implementation of physical bicycle improvements.

The board of directors is composed of business professionals who share a passion for cycling and advocacy. Originally founded by John Case and directly connected with the success of the original Bikestation in Long Beach, the organization is refocused on community outreach and advocacy.


John Case, Mark Bixby, Allan Crawford, Martin Howard, Luciano Gonzales,

John Case is the founder of BIKESTATION, the first non-profit bike commuter facility in the United States. BIKESTATION first opened in downtown Long Beach in 1996.  Bikeable Communities was formed in 1998 to promote urban bike transportation issues around the concept of the BIKSTATION. John had been involved in real estate development in the 80’s and was also involved in creating the 1st natural gas vehicle to cross the United States without a support vehicle.

Over the years Bikeable Communities has helped dozens of cities across the United States become more bike friendly. John lives in Long Beach. CA with his wife and son.

Mark Bixby is a real estate broker with Pacific Retail Partners www.pacret.com specializing in retail tenant representation. Mark is a certified leasing specialist (ICSC SCLS) and a licensed general contractor. He attended Duke University majoring in electrical engineering and received his master’s degree in real estate development from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Mark is a transcontinental cyclist and has riden in many parts of the country including four trips down the California coastline. He is a USCF Category 3 racer and enjoys training with the La Habra / Chronic Taco cycling team. Mark is married to Theresa and they are raising three teenagers in Long Beach.

Allan Crawford is a life-long photographer who specializes in sports and particularly cycling photography.  He also has a strong interest in photographing people.  For the past several years he has been the senior photographer for ROAD Magazine, one of the premier North American cycling publications.  He has shot for several of the major cycling teams including those with Lance Armstrong.  Allan has shot all of the major major North American races as well as some of the major European races including the Tour de France.

Allan’s academic background is in geology.  As a geologist he traveled widely and had the opportunity to photograph people and scenery around the world…as well as a lot of rocks.  He got his start as a professional photographer through a friend who was the editor for ROAD magazine and continued to grow his professional contacts from there. Allan and his wife Laura are 14-time California/Nevada state tandem time trial champions and both continue to race competitively.

Martin Howard is the President of Howard CDM, a general contractor and a developer of office, commercial and retail projects. His projects range from ski lodges at Mammoth Mountain to office buildings and the Pike in Long Beach.

Martin was a US National Cycling Team rider who raced all over the United States and in Europe as a Professional cyclist in the 1980’s. He still trains competitively five and six days a week. Martin is married to Cynthia and they are raising three teenagers in Long Beach.

Luciano Gonzales is a software developer with several web-based and desk top products including the Drug Test Network and Entryworks.com. He is an accomplished cyclist and racer with more than 30 years of nearly daily training. Lu commutes around town on his bicycle whenever possible.

Lu and his wife Lisa are raising two teenage boys in Long Beach