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Presentation to Harbor Commissioners 3.14.11

The BIKEable Communities team presented to the Harbor Commission on a Gerald Desmond Bridge discussion item put forth by Commission President Nick Sramek. Six bicycle advocates spoke and presented a “Prezi” slideshow to request mandatory inclusion of separated bicycle and pedestrian paths. A 30 minute long discussion between Commissioners and Port staff ensued. The Port staff committed to inclusion of a separated bicycle and pedestrian path in the request for quote and stated that the facilities would not be separately costed.

View the presentation by BIKEable Communities:


Vice Mayor writes to POLB: Bike and Pedestrian separated paths should be mandatory on GDB

Vice Mayor Suja Lowenthal wrote to POLB Executive Director Richard Steinke emphasizing the importance of building a bridge for all users. And creating a public space with the public dollars that are being invested in the project. She called on the Commissioners and staff to consider the inclusion of observation areas from which tourists, visitors and commuters could step off the bike and ped paths to view the spectacular coastline and workings of the Port.

See the full letter here:

Letter from Councilwoman Suja Lowenthal to Richard Steinke

End Game: Coastal Commission writes: “… separated lanes be a mandatory component of bridge construction.”

The March 14, 2011 letter from Coastal Commission Deputy Director John Ainsworth to Nick Sramek and Richard Steinke states in conclusion: “We request that the Port of Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners take whatever action is necessary to make the Gerald Desmond Bridge accessible to cyclists and pedestrians by requiring that separated lanes be a mandatory component of bridge construction.”

See the full letter here:

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