Sierra Club Endorses Bike & Ped on the GD Bridge

At the Sunday January 9th, 2011 meeting, the Sierra Club (National, with 1.4 million members) approved a motion endorsing bicycle and pedestrian access. Gabrielle Weeks, Chair, Sierra Club Long Beach Group/Angeles Chapter, explains:

“The Sierra Club asks the Port of Long Beach and the Long Beach City Council to ensure that separated pedestrian and bicycle facilities are part of the plan for the new Gerald Desmond Bridge and included as an integral part of its construction.

Separated bicycle and pedestrian facilities encourage walkers, runners and cyclists of all ages and abilities to travel in the most-energy-saving, least-polluting way.

To eliminate the existing bridge’s bike and ped access would be contrary to the city’s pioneering bicycle plans and conflict with the spirit of California’s new Complete Streets Act (AB 1358).

We remain astonished that the Port of Long Beach, the ‘Green Port,’ thinks that bicycle and pedestrian access on the bridge and through the Port is optional; that the Port has an option. State and Federal law and policy clearly mandate the inclusion of bike and pedestrian routes. The Sierra Club will not stand by and watch these fundamental rights ignored.”


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