A Green Port For Bicycles

The New York / New Jersey Port Authority leads the way for bike-friendly Green Port efforts. An exerpt from the new policy guidelines:

“Bicycling is a rapidly growing mode of transportation and the New York-New Jersey region is facing increased demand for expanded bicycle infrastructure, safer bicycle routes, access to transit connections and secure parking facilities. While we recognize that many Port Authority facilities currently provide some accommodations for bicycle users, we need to prepare more systematically for the growing use of bicycles as a mode of travel within the regional transportation system.

On February 25, 2010, the Board of Commissioners adopted the following policy:
In keeping with its mission to meet the critical transportation needs of the bi-state region, the Port Authority supports bicycling as an important and sustainable mode of travel. It seeks to provide its customers, tenants, visitors and employees with safe and convenient bicycle access and secure bicycle parking at its facilities, wherever operationally and financially feasible.”

The Executive Director may, consistent with the policy, need to take the following steps to advance this policy:

  • Integrating improved bicycle access, safe bicycle lanes, and secure bicycle parking and storage into existing Port Authority buildings, roadways and other facilities owned or operated by the Port Authority.
  • Ensuring that design guidelines for new construction and major renovations.
  • Developing multi-modal transit hubs that encourage biking and walking.
  • Removing any unnecessary restrictions on bicycle access, and promoting the safe co-existence of motor vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians at Port Authority facilities.
  • Encouraging tenants to expand bicycle access and accommodation
    Coordinating bicycle facility improvements and inter-modal connections with regional planning organizations, other regional transportation providers, and local governments.

NY/NJ_Port Authority Supports Bicycling_2010-2-25 Meeting Minutes


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